This wedding was without a doubt one of my favourite weddings from 2016! It had so much soul....the most beautiful couple inside and out, a vintage red MG, a 100 year old grandfather, the Dublin mountains, floral wellies, a wedding dress designed and made by the bride's Mum and an emotional father of the bride! When I first met Jessica and David for a coffee and chat in the run up to their day, I instantly knew their wedding would be amazing. They were both so chilled when we talked about what they hoped from their day and when I heard that David would be driving his very own vintage red MG I was sold! David described the type of location they would love for the photos and I found the perfect spot; just wait until you see them on top of the Dublin mountains with their little red MG! 

I dropped into David's beautiful home on the morning on my way to Jessica and got some shots of the boys as they messed around in the back garden and prepped the car for the big day. When we met, Jessica told me a lovely family story of how she lived next door to her grandparents growing up and at the same time in her grandparents house!  When they started a family, her parents swapped houses with her grandparents who lived next door. As you can imagine, this created a very close bond between Jessica and her grandparents. I felt so honoured to witness and capture this close bond when Jessica greeted her 100 year old grandfather at the bottom of the aisle after she got married. These are some of my favourite wedding photos to date!

On the morning, the joy and happiness in Jessica's family home was palpable. This day was so personal and sentimental. Jessica's Mum designed and made her daughter's wedding dress! Imagine?! And how stunning it is; unique and just perfect for Jessica. All the flowers and beautiful bouquets were also made by her Mum - what a pro! Jessica got ready with all her sisters (including David's) and there was laughter, tears and bubbles all morning! The ceremony was in Bohernabrena Church, close to Jessica's home, and only a 5 minute drive from the Dublin mountains. Emotion was high and there were plenty of tears - it was so touching to see Jessica's Dad fight the tears when he greeted his newly married daughter after the ceremony.  

Following the ceremony we headed up the mountains. Jessica packed her floral wellies and marched through the boglands to get the scenic shots. What a star! She loved her wellies so much she even arrived at Finnstown House in them. The drinks reception was in full swing when we got to the reception with guests having a great time out in the beautiful gardens. 

Thank you both for a wonderful day and for being so easy and chilled. It really was an honour to capture your wedding! I hope the joy and love you felt on this day, and I witnessed, will continue to grow and flourish for years to come.